The Creative Centre of the Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín was established as part of a project financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and within the framework of the call “Mobilization of creative potential in the regions”. Is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the business resources of the university.

The contracted amount of the total investment is 4.29 million EUR, while 3 million is allocated to creative workshops for technological equipment and technologies.

The revitalization of the FabLab exterior is currently taking place as a part of Project investment for 0.5 million EUR, covering the exterior and the outdoor area, where outdoor spaces will create for cultural and social events, work, communication, networking, sports and relaxation as part of the support of artistic and creative work. This will create an organic connection between the interior spaces of the creative centre and the adjacent area with a park and sports fields. At the same time, the emphasis is placed on environmental aspects and green revitalization. Space will also be created to present created artistic and utilitarian models outdoors – a natural gallery. The entire campus will be completed in autumn 2023, including elements of e-mobility (electric bicycles and scooters) to improve the connection of the Creative Centre with other parts of the university and the city centre of Trenčín.

Creative workshops and other spaces for the support of artistic and creative work are launching gradually from 09/2022, as the technology is installed.

The creative centre aims to connect the academic university environment with the environment of creatives and artists, thereby stimulating the region’s creative potential. It plans to provide cross-sectoral services to all actors in the cultural and creative industry, students, business entities, start-up companies and the public.

FabLab is divided into three functional types. First are creative production spaces with an area of approx. 500 m², which include 5 creative workshops. Second are spaces for the support of creative work such as front office, daytime cafe, lecture rooms or relaxation zone and third are coworking spaces.

The following craft workshops are located in FabLab:

  • Creative workshop for the processing of metal materials with equipment such as CNC lathes, CNC routers, Laser cutters for metal and non-metal materials with the Fanuc Manual Guide control system using virtual simulations of CAD/CAM systems with elements of 2D or 3D graphics.
  • Creative workshop with 3D printing and scanning technology will be modern 3D printers for metal, plastic and composite materials, a 3D scanner for spatial scanning with software for data viewing and postprocessing, and a measuring device with an optical and roughness probe.
  • Creative workshop for wood processing with complete technology for processing and processing wood and chipboard and technology for furniture prototypes and artistic carving.
  • Creative workshop for joining metal materials, with welding technology for various metal materials in both manual and automated form.
  • Creative workshop for processing and printing materials (plastics, clay, textiles), with technologies for processing plastics, vacuum pressing, fabric printing, UV printing on various surfaces and materials, and ceramic workshop with kiln and potter’s wheels.

A Sales gallery of craft and art products will also be part of the facilities for the activities of creatives and their networking.

The coworking part provides opportunities to share experience, ideas, and talent to concentrate social capital in one place and create ad hoc virtual teams and specific services for budding entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industry.

The area of the technological part of the FabLab is approximately 850 m². It is located on the university grounds/campus in the town district of Záblatie Trenčín, with a sports and recreation zone and a student dormitory.

FabLab offers the services such as the open workshops, rental of premises and technologies, incubator, accelerator, product sales support and networking.

FabLab will also fulfil the needs of the city of Trenčín as part of the European Capital of Culture project for 2026.