sandblasting equipment

washing machine

sheet metal bender

Our workshops are slowly filling up. We currently have the equipment of the welding and locksmith workshop installed.

These are:

1. Sandblasting and washing equipment – ​​a professional industrial sandblasting cabin with a massive steel structure, with a high-quality sandblasting gun, with a visor with a protective film against abrasives and internal lighting. The cabin sandblaster connected to the compressor offers efficient surface treatment. It is fully equipped and ready for immediate use.

2. Device for cutting sheet metal – Professional lever shears for sheet metal in a solid cast iron design with the possibility of cutting sheet metal directly from rolls and a pressure bar ensuring a perfect cut. They were designed and manufactured for cutting sheet metal up to a thickness of 1.5 mm, a width of 1050 mm and any length.

3. Sheet metal bender – manual sheet metal bender with foot control of the upper rail. Universally usable with a robust construction with a high own weight. Clamping the material using the foot pedal leaves both hands free for bending and handling the material.

4. Pipe bender – digital control electric pipe bender with robust and compact construction. Numerically controlled tube bending without a mandrel and NC control for setting the bending angle. Possibility to store up to 50 programs in memory.

5. Washing equipment – spacious washing tub with a volume of 150 l intended for the use of ecological washing solutions soluble in water. The spacious tub allows you to clean products up to 1m long.

The devices will thus expand the possibilities of creatives, who will also be able to work with metal materials in our university creative center FabLab.