3D printer Mark two with the possibility of inserting reinforcing fibers is already installed in the FabLab Creative Center, other 3D printers will gradually follow. The Markforged Mark Two device is a desktop 3D printer working on the principle of FFF (Fused Material Deposition), which enables the printing of composite parts by inserting continuous fibers. Thanks to this, it can create strong, light, durable and precise parts reinforced with carbon fibers, Kevlar or glass fibers.

Parts created in this way achieve strength comparable to parts made of aluminum materials, but at the same time up to 40% lighter. This technology is ideal for printing mounting or clamping devices with complex geometries or functional machine components. Thanks to the layer height starting from 0.05 mm, the prints are very precise and meet the requirements of demanding projects. By using high-strength and durable industrial materials such as Onyx and Nylon together with glass fibers, it is possible to create parts with high heat resistance required in the automotive, aviation or ozmic industries. This and other 3D printers will be available to members of our FabLab.